Social enterprises and not-for-profit organisations achieving scale for social impact roundtables

In October and November 2017, the impact investing and partnerships working group held roundtable talks with a range of participants including experts on social enterprises and social impact investing and the CEOs of selected social enterprises to discuss strategies and mechanisms, such as social franchising, to enable organisations to achieve scale for their social impacts.

Social enterprises and not-for-profit organisations achieving scale for social impact roundtables

Roundtable on Scaling Social Impact (Melbourne, 25 October 2017) L-R: Katherine Leong, National Australia Bank; Alisa Borwick, Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet; Colleen McGann, Prime Minister’s Community Business Partnership; Dr Erin Castellas, Centre for Social Impact Swinburne; Sally McCutchan, Impact Investing Australia; Angela Perry (Convener), Prime Minister’s Community Business Partnership; Ruth Lancaster, International Centre for Social Franchising; Libby Klein, Justice Connect; Katherine Kennedy, Social Traders.

The key priorities that emerged from the roundtables were:

  1. Capacity building of enterprises
  2. Procurement and market opportunities
  3. Cost and complexity of appropriate legal structures
  4. Access to start-up capital and funding streams, and
  5. Legitimising the social enterprise sector.

Participants considered these five priority areas for action should be seen as the building blocks of a broader ecosystem to better support social enterprises and not-for-profit organisations, and the sector overall, to successfully scale their social impacts and programs to achieve increased service reach to address entrenched social issues.

The Partnership will consider the outcomes of the roundtables and continue to draw on stakeholder expertise and advice, along with the latest evidence drawing on Australian and international research, to progress these important issues and provide advice to Government.

A detailed summary of the outcomes of the two roundtables is available below:

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