Impact Investing and Partnerships working group expert roundtables

In March 2016, the impact investing and partnerships working group held roundtable talks with a range of participants including legal advisors, CEOs of not-for-profit and social enterprises organisations and representatives of state governments about strategies for removing barriers to increased social impact investing and social procurement.

Participants discussed ways to increase social procurement, where buyers use their purchasing power to achieve social outcomes. Social procurement can achieve outcomes in many areas, such as workforce participation.

Participants also considered barriers to social impact investment and put forward practical ideas to unlock more capital to enable organisations to deliver a social, as well financial return.

The Partnership will consider the outcomes of the talks and continue to draw on stakeholder expertise and advice to progress these two important issues.

Roundtable on Social Procurement (Melbourne, 30 March 2016)

Roundtable on Social Procurement (Melbourne, 30 March 2016) L-R: David Brookes, Social Traders; Jo Barraket, CSI, Swinburne University; Ron Miers, Westgate Communities Initiative Group; Chris Newman, ArcBlue Consulting; Mark Daniels, Social Traders; Ruth Bayley, Australian Association of Procurement and Contract Management; Ben Neill, Mission Australia; Ben Gales, Prime Minister’s Community Business Partnership and Neil Birtchnell, Broadspectrum.

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