Giving Australia 2016: New findings released on business and individual giving and volunteering

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Giving Australia 2016: New findings released on business and individual giving and volunteering.

Today at the Philanthropy Meets Parliament Summit in Canberra, Minister for Social Services and Deputy Chair to the Prime Minister’s Community Business Partnership the Hon Christian Porter MP launched the latest two reports in the Giving Australia 2016 series. These are Giving Australia 2016 Business Giving and Volunteering and Giving Australia 2016 Individual Giving and Volunteering.

The Business Giving and Volunteering report focuses on business giving styles, who the recipients are, workplace giving programs, sponsorships, and workplace volunteering.

Selected highlights from the report include:

  • Business philanthropy reached $17.5 billion in 2015-2016, of which $7.7 billion went to community partnerships; $6.2 billion to donations; and $3.6 billion to non-commercial sponsorships.
  • In 2015–16, large businesses (200 or more employees) represented only 0.2% of all businesses, yet gave $9 billion in their last financial year (51% of the total business giving in Australia).On average, each large business gave $2.5 million.
  • Small business leaders are also seeking opportunities to move more of their giving from cash donations and providing goods and services, towards partnerships with NPOs despite small businesses not having the resources of large businesses (including not employing people whose job it is to actively manage partnerships).
  • Payroll giving is offered by 28% of SMEs. Of this group, 26% of businesses matched employee donations (e.g. dollar for dollar). Establishing and managing opportunities for workplace giving was considered to be challenging by this group.
  • Business volunteering through the workplace is on the rise. 63% of large companies manage a workplace volunteering program, about 30% of mid-sized businesses, and 6% of small businesses (many small businesses indicated they are aspiring to get more involved in workplace volunteering).

Minister Porter said in his media release today that the new data on Australian business shows how the spirit of generosity amongst our business community is alive and kicking.

The Giving Australia 2016 Individual Giving and Volunteering focuses on providing trends, innovations and challenges into the current state of individual giving and volunteering in Australia.

Selected highlights from the report include:

  • An estimated 14.9 million Australian adults (80.8%) gave in total $12.5 billion to charities and nonprofit organisations (NPOs) over 12 months in 2015-16. The average donation was $764.08 and median donation $200.
  • An estimated 43.7% of adult Australians volunteered a total of 932 million hours in 2016. On average, volunteers gave 134 hours of their time over the year – or about 2.5 hours a week.
  • Nearly half (48.1%) of non-givers indicated that better information on how the money will be spent would influence their future giving.

Further Giving Australia 2016 reports to be released this year include:

  • Giving and volunteering: the non-profit perspective, and
  • Giving Australia 2016 – summary report.

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