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Community empowerment working group

The Community empowerment working group is tasked with developing policy recommendations to the Government that aim to empower communities, better equipping them to identify and develop strategies to increase their strength, resilience and self-reliance, through collaboration and partnership.


The working group will advise the full Partnership on practical strategies to strengthen communities though:

  1. greater community voice in how public resources are targeted to meet community need; and
  2. encouragement of greater levels of private philanthropy and investment to achieve social and economic outcomes.

The working group will focus on the potential role of the Australian Government in the following priority areas:

  1. rural and regional communities and urban populations with indicators of disadvantage
  2. the expansion of community-managed organisations and community-business enterprises to facilitate job creation
  3. sustainable partnerships between community-managed organisations and government, business, philanthropists and individuals to meet community needs
  4. building capacity for collaborative partnership though strong governance, education and the elimination of institutional barriers; and
  5. innovative models and structures to support a culture of giving and service.


The working group will engage with a variety of stakeholders. The working group may agree to involve or consult identified experts in the field to inform discussions.

The working group acknowledges overlap and close linkages with priority areas of other Partnership working groups, including issues relating to:

  • social impact, hybrid legal models and social procurement
  • the deductible gift recipient framework
  • volunteering

The working group will seek agreement from other Prime Minister’s Community Business Partnership members to its policy recommendations.


This working group comprises:
Tony Stuart (Convenor of the working group)
Angela Perry
Peter Treseder
Nicola Forrest