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Terms of Reference


  1. The Community Business Partnership (the ‘Partnership’) brings together leaders from government, community and business sectors to grow philanthropic giving, volunteering and social impact investment and provide advice on emerging issues.


  1. The Partnership will develop innovative and practical strategies and collaborate with a range of individual experts and community and business organisations to further giving, volunteering and social impact investment in Australia, including in the following priority areas:
    1. identify enablers to increase philanthropic giving and investment, including in the area of planned giving
    2. sustain and grow volunteering participation and support a culture of community engagement and service
    3. progress social impact investment in Australia, including social enterprise, and innovative finance models and structures, and
    4. work with relevant government and non-government bodies to address regulatory and social issues and promote productive approaches in the philanthropic, not‑for-profit, volunteering and social impact sectors.
  1. In their deliberations the Partnership will take account of: research on trends in giving and volunteering; innovation, education and best practice in the sector, including examination of international strategies and trends; and the fiscal environment.
  2. The Chair or the Deputy Chair may commission the Partnership to undertake particular work or projects in light of emerging trends and Government priorities.
  3. The Partnership will report annually on its activities.
  4. The Partnership will be reviewed every third year to consider the impact of its work.


  1. The Partnership will comprise up to 15 members, including the Chair and Deputy Chair.
  2. The Prime Minister will Chair the Partnership and the Minister for Social Services will serve as Deputy Chair.
  3. A member of the Treasury Ministry will be co-opted as necessary to serve on the Partnership.
  4. Members will bring expertise and experience in the business, philanthropic, not-for-profit, volunteering, fundraising or social impact investment sectors.
  5. Membership will be for a term of up to three years, subject to review by the Prime Minister in consultation with the Minister for Social Services.
  6. The Prime Minister will appoint new members to the Partnership in consultation with the Minister for Social Services following the expiration of a term or the resignation of a member prior to expiration of their term.
  7. Non-Government members will nominate a Chief and Deputy Chief Convenor and renew as required. The Chief Convenor will act as a spokesperson and coordinate input on behalf of members. The Deputy will support the Chief Convenor.


  1. The Partnership will meet twice a year and issue a statement after each meeting outlining the progress of initiatives and projects.
  2. The quorum for Partnership meetings will be at least six members, including the Chair or Deputy Chair.
  3. The Partnership may also convene working groups as necessary to consider issues in depth. These working groups may co-opt or consult external experts to inform their discussions and will report to the Partnership at the end of their deliberations.


  1. The Partnership will be supported by the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet and the Department of Social Services.