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Collective giving and its role in Australian philanthropy

DSS, on behalf of the Prime Minister’s Community Business Partnership, commissioned Creative Partnerships Australia to undertake research to develop a better understanding of giving circles in the Australian context.

There are a growing number of collective giving mechanisms appearing in Australia and this research will focus on giving circles. The unique attributes of giving circles include they are made up of individuals who pool their resources and decide together where these funds will be distributed, they are initiated by philanthropists and use social connection and collaborative decision making to achieve shared philanthropic goals. They are inclusive and encourage learning about effective giving and the needs of the local community.

The research will determine the scope of collective giving in Australia, examine the different structures and determine the impact, both of grants given and the impact on the giving behaviour of members. It will include surveys of collective giving groups; host organisations, usually in the form of a community foundation; and charities that have been through the grant-making process. The research will highlight current trends and ideas about support to encourage greater philanthropy through giving circles.

The research is expected to be completed in 2017.